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At No Ceilings Entertainment, we specialize in digital media & live-stage productions.

Our team of directors, editors, artistic directors & choreographers is there from the start to help conceptualize, storyboard & produce boundary-braking, captivating content & performances.

After working individually for some of the worlds biggest TV Productions, tours & live events in fashion, music and the arts we decided it was time to come together - No Ceilings was founded by Dennis Jauch, Kim Willecke & Phil Shaw inspired by a dream: To Create Meaningful, Touching Experiences.

We are operating globally from our offices in New York City & Los Angeles.

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Critically acclaimed international Creative Producer & Choreographer Dennis Jauch has left his footprint on some of the worlds biggest TV shows such as Americas Got Talent, The X-Factor USA&UK, Little Big Shots & German Idol as well as live performances for artists such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis, Take That & Fifth Harmony as well as fashion events for L'Oréal Paris, Adidas & Nike to only name but a few.

His distinctive style and eye for perfection encourages him to constantly look for new inspiring ways to push the boundaries.


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Born and raised in Germany, Kim Willecke moved to the US in 2015 to pursue his dream to grow and become part of the greatest entertainment industry in the world.

His background in dance, choreography and coaching in addition to his passion for storytelling form his unique skill set.

Kimʼs depth and diversity of experience as a choreographer and creative director for Television across Europe has made him a fast, flexible and resilient player on set


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A native New Englander, Phil Shaw left to pursue a cross-media education in the visual arts. This would eventually lead him to New York City , where he began working for different artists, continually learning new things about different media with each. One of the artists being famed photographer Steven Klein.

Phil's education and experience has lead him to really embrace being a multimedia artist, which allows him to bring aesthetic
ideas and solutions to any project.


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